THEE Rail key staff have undertaken works on all gauges and components throughout the Australia Railway network.

Our in-house teams have successfully delivered projects for a vast range of clients, each with different sites specific requirements, complexities, timescales and standards.

Delivery in full, on budget and time is what our reputation is based upon.


  • Track construction renewal and replacement (Brownfield and Greenfield)
  • Aluminothermic welding (including crane rail, groove rail) – Includes use of Electronic Straight Edges and Needle Guns
  • Re-railing and Re-sleepering
  • Re-stressing/Rail adjusting
  • VERSE testing (stress testing)
  • Maintenance and inspection of depots, ports and sidings
  • Construction of New Sidings
  • Culvert renewals
  • Ballast undercutting
  • Ballast remediation (bog hole removal)
  • Resurfacing
  • Re-Conditioning and Upgrade Work
  • Turnout Construction, Repairs and Renewal (Concrete, Timber & Composite)
  • Derailment Repairs
  • Re-Gauging & Re-Boring
  • Construction & Maintenance of Walkways
  • Drainage Works
  • Formation Works
  • Level crossing an roadways (Asphalt work)
  • Retaining Walls Construction
  • Track inspections and certification
  • Track Strip (Timber and Steel Recycling, Removal and Restoration)

Our experienced management team and skilled workforce are committed to delivering the best quality in rail workmanship.